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This Christmas, Get Yourself a Second Life

Xmas TreeChristmas is a time for miracles. Before the week is out, we will look back, shake our heads in wonder and say: “It’s a miracle we survived.” Personally, I am not prepared to chance it. Taking crime, taxi drivers and the aberrant nature of my family into account, the odds of not surviving are disproportionately high. I don’t have enough money to flee the country. I do, however, have plenty of time. Time which I intend spending with my new friends in my new life. My Second Life.

The godlets at Linden Labs must have taken a lot longer than six days to create this world. It’s far more complicated than the one I’m living in at the moment. Well, to me it is, anyway. I am told that once I have explored this vast digital continent teeming with people, entertainment, experiences and opportunity, I might even find a perfect piece of land on which to build my dream house. This is wonderful news. In my first life, I can barely afford to pay the rent.

Then I discover something that sets alarm bells ringing. Millions of US dollars flow through Second Life each month. Although the virtual currency is called the Linden dollar, it can be converted to genuine American money at LindeX, the SL Linden Dollar exchange. Excuse me? I will have to spend real money? My money? On stuff that doesn’t actually exist? This feels wrong. Very wrong.

Drowning my gut instinct with a shot of tepid whisky, I cross myself and take the plunge.

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The Ben Trovato Bookstore Now Open for Business – Get On the Run Today!

On the RunMy new book, On The Run, is now available: inscribed copies of this limited edition can be bought through the Ben Trovato Bookstore at a heavily discounted price. Well, relatively heavily. Click over to the bookstore for more.

When my column, On The Run, first appeared in the Cape Times on 3rd September, 2002, it received mixed reactions.

Some people hated it right away. Others loved it – right up until the crosshairs swung in the direction of their own skin colour, their own religion, their own hard-earned prejudices. Suddenly, it wasn’t so funny.

I received several death threats, which were always good for a giggle because ‘kill’ is about the only word that these people know how to spell correctly.

I have received thousands of emails since the column first appeared. Most of them have been full of kind words from people thanking me for making them laugh – an activity that has, by all accounts, been denied to them for way too long.

Some were sent by men and women possessed of a dark and twisted humour, which went a long way towards renewing my faith in this Kafkaesque country.


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The Book You’ve All Been Waiting For: On the Run by Ben Trovato

On The Run“This one time, an American fundamentalist madman by the name of Reverend Donald Spitz from an unspeakable organisation called the Army of God ordered me to say a prayer or burn forever in the eternal hellfires of damnation. Please. I live in South Africa.” – Ben Trovato recalls one person’s reaction to his Cape Times column.

When it appeared on the op-ed page of the aforesaid newspaper for the first time five years ago, the column was met with equal measures of spluttering outrage and rip-snorting hilarity.

Some called Mr Trovato obnoxious, offensive, slanderous and rude. Others said they laughed so much that their morning coffee spurted from their nose.


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Welcome to My Shack on the Information Superhighway

Ben TrovatoWelcome to my blog, that is.

I have been meaning to build a virtual shack on the fringe of the information superhighway from the day it was created, and I am deeply ashamed that it has taken me this long. Such is the double-whammy of being a lazy Luddite.

This blog is not a diary and it never will be. Anyone who doesn’t know me will know that my identity is a closely guarded secret. The reason for this is none of your business. Of course, having a modus operandi of such a clandestine nature makes it almost impossible to market my books, and I may have to review the situation at some point.


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